The Next Chapter

Since blogging here – at the place where it all started, I’ve scored jobs working for some of the biggest outfits in the app industry, achieved a collective social following of over 11,000 people for which I am most grateful, lost two grandparents, had numerous issues with hosting providers (that I care not to talk about here), and had a few people simply rip me off for profit.

And, I’m still here. Living this thing we call life. I’m gradually realising that there’s more to it than just sitting in front of a keyboard – which is what turning RazorianFly into my full-time business, unfortunately, had me doing.

I’ll be totally honest with you. I never thought I’d have to edit this post again. But, today, I find myself doing just that. That’s because the day sadly arrived when I had to say goodbye to (or RazorianFly :], as it was known before it was incorporated), the technology brand I created in sixth form college almost 7 years ago.

But, RazorianFly isn’t going away – totally. Far from it, in fact. That’s because RazorianFly is now AppChase™. App Chase™ is a completely FREE app discovery and search engine for the iTunes® App Store and Mac® App Store. Created by myself, and despite only being online for the best part of 6-months, the site is already serving over 30,000 people with information on the apps that they are looking for – each and every month.

To put that in perspective, that’s a quarter of the monthly traffic RazorianFly saw in recent years.

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I edit this post today as a wiser, more mature business man. A man separate from the teen who originally created a small blog in his spare time, only to see its readership go global years later. Who realises that the world of business is tough, and shouldn’t be taken on lightly. Especially if you’re planning on setting up your own business. I’ve learnt that taking every opportunity open to you, at the time it is open to you – is a good philosophy to have, but things don’t always end up the way you want them to.

But, most importantly, I’ve learnt not to let life pass me by. I’ll never not be working – such is life, but my work-life balance has seen a complete reboot in the past few months, changes that I feel are for the better.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 20.35.03

Going forward, you’ll find my daily ramblings at This is also the place I’ll be making available my upcoming icon sets, wallpapers and hopefully … my very first iOS app.

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Thanks for everything, everyone.

Here’s to whatever comes next …


Founder, RazorianFly.

[Updated: Sunday, July 13 2014]


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